You may be wondering if it’s worth your money to have a professional cleaning service come in to clean your carpets.  After all, for fifty bucks and a few hours of sweat and hassle, you could do it yourself, right?  Well, not quite.  Ask yourself, how much did this carpet cost to put in?  If you didn’t put it in, how much would it cost to replace?  If you think you want to keep it, the least expensive way to ensure that you can do so is to clean it correctly.  This means professionally.  Those rental machines simply don’t have the power to extract properly, leaving behind residue which builds up over time, potentially ruining your carpet and spoiling its useful life.

And if you’re going to spend the money to clean it professionally, how do you know if we’re any better (or worse) than the next company on your search list?

I’ll give you a few reasons to consider us:  First, we are the only company in the region that practices the method taught at the certification courses. The other company may have “certified trained technicians”, but did you know that they were certified in a method that their company doesn’t perform?  That’s right, because we are the only company around here that performs it.  They do only part of that preferred method.

Second, we are all green.  This means no chemical factory.  No VOC’s.  We are safe for your pets, children, fabrics, and your plants.  We don’t leave behind the smell of perfumes or any sticky residue.  We leave behind clean!

Third, our method protects your long-term investment.  Because we don’t overwet or leave residue behind, your carpet will dry much faster and stay cleaner longer than with other methods.  We do use water though.  Don’t let someone fool you into thinking that they can clean your rug effectively without water.  This is simply not the case.  Your rug must be extracted with hot water to remove the toxins and bacteria lurking at the base of your carpet.

Fourth, we neutralize the pH of your carpet with our final rinse, leaving your carpet naturally soft and soil-repellant.  No optical brighteners which leave the carpet looking dingy and worn out after the initial cleaning dries.  This is all-natural.

Finally, WE GET THE BEST RESULTS!  You may not be as concerned with some of the other aspects of our cleaning that we’ve mentioned, but rest assured, if you’re a bottom line consumer who just wants the best results for your money, we’ve got ’em! No one gets your carpet as clean as we do!