Unexpected Excellence

he biggest obstacle I have to overcome, on most occasions, in my efforts to win the opportunity to perform work, is the common perception that carpet cleaning is a commodity which yields small returns for the investment. Regardless of the price, if a person does not believe beforehand that hiring a carpet cleaning company is going to accomplish the desired result, then the service is not valued.

People don’t mind paying for value. They do mind paying for something that doesn’t accomplish the goal.

Recently, a customer of mine was hesitant to hire me at first because her Realtor told her that her carpets were too far gone and that “carpet cleaning rarely makes that big of difference. You would be wasting your money to get it cleaned.” She hired me anyway, since $150 was cheaper than the $1,500 she would have to spend for replacement, but admitted to me afterwards that her expectations upon hiring me were low. She was merely holding out hope that I could help.

The results exceeded her expectations. These are her words:

“Pet stains? GONE!!! Pet odor? GONE!!! My carpet has been restored and if I did not know it I would think I had new carpets installed. Can hardly believe the huge before and after. David LeBlanc, you have a customer for LIFE!!!! Wished I had before pictures. D & D carpeting is the way to go folks! With the fall holidays upon us now is the time to get on the schedule for a deep, so deep you get brand new, carpet cleaning!”   – Shana, resident of Lawrenceville (used by permission)

I wish I had taken pictures too, since a picture would have told the story better. Alas….

Shana is looking forward to showing her Realtor what a truly exceptional cleaning system can accomplish, and what the value of carpet cleaning, done right, truly is.

Thanks for allowing me to bring some unexpected happiness to both of us, Shana.