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Soft Washing

At D & D Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in soft power washing, an innovative method that boasts the effectiveness of standard power washing without the risk of property damage. It’s perfect for getting rid of algae, mold, and other gunk on roofs, siding, shingles, and windows.

With years of experience, we’ve established ourselves as the go-to soft washing company in the area. We’re a team of pioneers whose mission is to transform the power washing industry. We’re doing exactly that, one job at a time.

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Our Soft Washing Services: Safe, Effective, and Dependable

Traditional power washing may be an effective cleaning treatment for tough stains and grime build-up, but it’s not ideal for all surfaces. That’s where our soft washers come into play.

At D & D Carpet Cleaning, we’ve honed our soft washing to be safe and effective—gentle enough for delicate surfaces, yet powerful enough for even the most hardened-on gunk and grime.

The secret is our cleaning solution. Instead of using high-pressure water to blast away dirt, our soft washing uses an eco-friendly dissolvent to wear away any layers of build-up. It’s fast-acting—making the grime disappear right before your eyes—but also won’t damage your shingles, chip away at your paint, or break the seal around windows or other openings. What’s not to love?

In-Depth Inspections for All Soft Power Washing

Our soft washing services come with a complimentary inspection and consultation. When you choose us to do your power cleaning, we’ll be happy to meet you at your location so that we can offer a total assessment of your property. We’ll determine the scale and scope of the cleaning job, tailoring our services to meet your precise needs. We’ll then give you an honest quote for the job and an accurate estimate for when we’ll have it complete.

We’re confident that once you’ve gone through your inspection and gotten a taste of our services, you’ll see the unbeatable value in hiring us. Take advantage and contact us today.

Trust the Local Soft Washing Specialist

We’re proud to be the local experts in soft washing. Every member of our team is a trained and licensed professional. They’re specialists who are committed to their craft. Combining skill, experience, and a tenacious attitude, they work hard to ensure every job is up to our exceptionally high standards.

Their work is not only meticulous—it’s also incredibly efficient. We strive to keep our turnaround times to a minimum, in turn ensuring that our clients get their property returned as quickly as possible. Prompt, punctual service is what you can expect from us.

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When you need an exterior cleaning company, there’s only one name you need to know: D & D Carpet Cleaning. Quality cleaning and efficient workmanship are what set us from the competition, and what keep us on the cutting edge of our industry.

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