About Us

D & D Carpet Cleaning was started officially in 2001.  From the start, our vision was to be a different type of cleaning company.  By different, this meant performing cleaning in a way that benefits the customer, not just our sales objectives.  The goal has always been to be a high-end, niche service that satisfied the demand for value and results at a price point that is fair, with an emphasis on quality and green cleaning.

David has over 28 years of experience in the carpet cleaning field.  After much experimentation with chemicals, equipment and process, he achieved a synergy which resulted in the most advanced and effective carpet cleaning method available.  It is a hybrid method which incorporates a perfect balance of the four basic elements of cleaning as detailed by the IICRC.  D&D is the only company in the region which offers this method. Additionally, David is proud to be able to offer this outstanding cleaning service with all-green chemistry.  This means no “chemical factory” smell, perfumes, or VOC’s.  Our waste water is safe for septic and even helps your grass grow!

David is married to wife of 29 years, Michelle.  They have five children and five grandchildren.

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