Our Method

D&D Carpet Cleaning practices the “preferred method” of cleaning carpets; the method which is taught in the certification courses.  This method is rarely performed by carpet cleaning companies because of its labor-intensive and time-consuming nature.  This is a multi-step process which achieves a perfect synergistic balance of the four basic elements of cleaning fibers: Chemistry, Temperature, Agitation, Dwell Time.

Step 1) Thorough vacuuming of the carpet with a pile-lifting vacuum that is certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute with their Gold rating.

Step 2) Application of pre-conditioner to the carpet which loosens stains and begins the soil suspension, utilizing “green” chemistry.

Step 3)  Agitation and deep-cleaning of the carpet with a counter-rotating brush machine (crb scrubber). This process is repeated twice.

Step 4) Steam extraction of the carpet with a low-pH neutralizing rinse, leaving no residue behind.  (It is extremely rare to find a cleaning company which performs a hot water extraction rinse AFTER cleaning to remove residue.  This step not only ensures that no residue is left behind, it also balances the pH of the carpet fibers, making them naturally soft, lustrous and soil-resistant.)

We use all-green chemistry and deodorization and stain-treatment is part of the normal service, not an “up-charge”.

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