Our Method

D&D Carpet Cleaning practices the “preferred method” of cleaning carpets; the method which is taught in the certification courses. ¬†This method is rarely performed by carpet cleaning companies because of its labor-intensive and time-consuming nature.¬† This is a multi-step process which achieves a perfect synergistic balance of the four basic elements of cleaning fibers: Chemistry, Temperature, Agitation, Dwell Time.

Step 1) Application of pre-conditioner to the carpet which loosens stains and begins the soil suspension, utilizing “green” chemistry.

Step 2) Agitation and deep-cleaning of the carpet with a counter-rotating brush machine. Extra treatment is provided to problem areas. This resets the pile and removes deeply embedded debris, hair and prepares the fibers for a thorough extraction.

Step 3) Full extraction of the carpet with our ETM (Electric Truck-mount) machine, leaving no residue behind. We actually bring our extractor to the front door/garage door to reduce the length of our vacuum lines and speed dry times. This step not only ensures that no residue is left behind, in addition it also balances the pH of the carpet fibers, making them naturally soft, lustrous and soil resistant.)

We use all-green chemistry which is safe for your pets.

2 thoughts on “Our Method

  1. Do you pick up and deliver wool braid rugs needing cleaning. There is hardwood under them so they cannot be cleaned on floor.

    Also, need couch and two recliners cleaned.


    • Hi Sharon! I just saw this message I apologize for the day of delay in response. I don’t do pick up and delivery of area rugs. I clean them on site. In situations like yours I would clean them on a durable surface, such as a carpeted room or clean garage floor. Typically, I clean area rugs right where they sit and if necessary move them someplace else to dry afterwards. I certainly can help with both the rugs and the furniture cleaning. Please email me at greencarpetandtile@gmail.com or text me at 470-350-7708. I often have a one to two delay in response to my website, where comments must be filtered through my hosting company before I receive them. Thanks! Dave


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