Carpet Cleaning

Our customers love our cleaning process and they often comment on the value of our service after we are done the cleaning.  This is because no one provides the value in carpet cleaning that we do.  With our unique four-step process, our high level of agitation and chemistry dwell-time, our green organic chemicals, and the hot-water neutralizing extraction-rinse which is unique to our method, we provide the best possible results money can buy.

We also boast shorter dry-times than most of our competition, and we don’t run hoses in from the street, meaning you can keep your heat or air conditioning inside where it belongs.

We are fully insured and with 27 years of experience in the field, we understand your problem and how to solve it.

Our process is the preferred method for wool.  Don’t trust your wool carpets with just anyone.  Make sure they understand what they’re doing!