Carpet Cleaning

Our customers love our cleaning process and they often comment on the value of our service after we are done the cleaning.  This is because no one provides the value in carpet cleaning that we do.  With our unique four-step process, our high level of agitation and chemistry dwell-time, our green organic chemicals, and the hot-water neutralizing extraction-rinse which is unique to our method, we provide the best possible results money can buy.

We are fully insured and with 28 years of experience in the field, we understand your problem and how to solve it.

Our process is the preferred method for wool.  Don’t trust your wool carpets with just anyone.  Make sure they understand what they’re doing!

Carpet, like any fiber, is best cleaned with a thorough process utilizing the proper chemistry. “Short-cut” methods (such as “dry” methods, or “one-step, squirt & suck” cleaning) simply cannot produce the quality results that a more systematic, time-consuming cleaning can provide.

For one thing, if anyone tells you that they can properly clean your carpet by simply scrubbing a cleaning agent into your carpet and walking away without extracting it, don’t believe them! It’s physically impossible. Low-moisture methods are at best interim, appearance-care cleanings, and don’t actually do the most important part of the cleaning, which is flushing the toxins, debris and contaminants out of the fibers. The worst part is that you are paying for a professional cleaning and you aren’t getting it from these companies!

Secondly, even if someone does utilize hot-water extraction, known by some as “steam cleaning”, this method cannot, by itself, achieve the same results as our multi-step process which utilizes a high degree of agitation and dwell time of cleaning agents.

Some companies utilize special technology which agitates while extracting the carpet, through the special tool they attach at the end of their hose lines, and these are better than others, but they still cannot duplicate the effect that we create through our extended dwell time of surfactants with the carpet fibers.

There simply are no “shortcuts” that will suffice! You have to work hard! It’s about process!

D&D Carpet Cleaning spends, on average, three times longer in the home than any of our competitors, and we have the happy customers, online testimonials and photos to prove the difference!

Don’t settle for average.

If you’ve decided to invest your money into a professional cleaning, don’t try to save a few pennies, thinking that all cleaners are the same. They aren’t! Spend a little more and get it done right, the first time!