The Atlanta region is very competitive in the home services market, and consumers often feel overwhelmed. There are many considerations when choosing a vendor, from integrity, quality, comfort and rapport with the owner/technician, and reputation. However, near the top of that list for most everyone is also price. Most people don’t mind paying a little more for superior quality, but since everyone claims to be the best, it can be hard to discern the difference between companies site-unseen.

Typically, once our customers use our service, they express appreciation for the value of our service, but initially, especially when price-shopping, many consumers are chiefly concerned with price, and are trying to evaluate our service against other companies and in light of their previous experience.

D&D Carpet Cleaning offers excellent value at a fair and competitive price point. We aren’t the cheapest option you’ll find, but we will certainly give the most “bang for the buck”.

We price our rooms by the area. Generally, we follow this guideline, but there are exceptions, in unusual circumstances, both below and above the prices listed. We guarantee our price if a quote has been given in person. We don’t practice “bait & switch” techniques and don’t participate in “loss-leader” pricing (such as a whole house for $125.00, only to “up-sell” services which should be included in the basic service once in the home.)

“Whole-house special” = 4 bedrooms (open area), hall, stairs, living room and one additional area = 275.00 plus travel.

average-sized bedrooms/offices, cleaning “open area” =    35.00

Master bedroom “suites” with walk-in closet =    55.00

Hallways/common areas adjoining rooms =   30.00

Staircase w/one landing =   60.00  (with two landings or more than 15 steps = 75.00)

Living room (open area) =  55.00   (with furniture moving) =  85.00

“Great room” (twice the size of typical living room) = 100.00

Dining room/den/entertainment room = 55.00

Unusual layouts or extra-large-sized single areas will be priced at .27 cents per square foot.

sofa (full size) =  85.00

“loveseat” =  65.00

arm chair/recliner =  45.00

dining chairs (seat only) = 10.00 ea.

tile & grout cleaning = .75 cents per square foot. (75.00 minimum)

Minimum service charge per cleaning visit = 125.00 (unless prior arrangements are made in advance)

estimates =  FREE (within 30 minutes of our location)

travel charge is 25.00 within a 30 mile radius (from Buford), and 50.00 from 30-50 miles out. Must be discussed in advance if beyond the 50 mile radius.

Note: There is no travel charge for locations within 10 miles of our home base.

stain treatments/deodorization =  FREE