Unexpected Excellence

The biggest obstacle I have to overcome, on most occasions, in my efforts to win the opportunity to perform work, is the common perception that carpet cleaning is a commodity which yields small returns for the investment. Regardless of the price, if a person does not believe beforehand that hiring a carpet cleaning company is going to accomplish the desired result, then the service is not valued.

People don’t mind paying for value. They do mind paying for something that doesn’t accomplish the goal.

Recently, a customer of mine was hesitant to hire me at first because her Realtor told her that her carpets were too far gone and that “carpet cleaning rarely makes that big of difference. You would be wasting your money to get it cleaned.” She hired me anyway, since $150 was cheaper than the $1,500 she would have to spend for replacement, but admitted to me afterwards that her expectations upon hiring me were low. She was merely holding out hope that I could help.

The results exceeded her expectations. These are her words:

“Pet stains? GONE!!! Pet odor? GONE!!! My carpet has been restored and if I did not know it I would think I had new carpets installed. Can hardly believe the huge before and after. David LeBlanc, you have a customer for LIFE!!!! Wished I had before pictures. D & D carpeting is the way to go folks! With the fall holidays upon us now is the time to get on the schedule for a deep, so deep you get brand new, carpet cleaning!”   – Shana, resident of Lawrenceville (used by permission)

I wish I had taken pictures too, since a picture would have told the story better. Alas….

Shana is looking forward to showing her Realtor what a truly exceptional cleaning system can accomplish, and what the value of carpet cleaning, done right, truly is.

Thanks for allowing me to bring some unexpected happiness to both of us, Shana.



A New Home Base!

D&D Carpet Cleaning is moving to a new home base, as we are relocating from Milton, VT, to Buford, GA.

We are very excited to make this transition. We have been so thankful for the support our service has received in the Burlington, VT area over the last four years, as we quickly developed a reputation as the go-to company for carpet, upholstery and tile restoration among high-end clients, both residential and commercial.

Many real estate agents in the area would refer no one else! We are thankful for this, and are confident that we will develop similar relationships in Gwinnett County.

We are available to service your carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning needs as of June 26.


Furniture cleaning: Our secret!

People often don’t think of cleaning their furniture, and sometimes this is because of the incompetence of the companies who have attempted in the past.

Recently, a customer of ours was charged a good deal of money by one of my competitors and was dissatisfied with the results, and told that was “the best they could do”.

Two years later, yesterday in fact, they hired us. We not only were cheaper, but look at the results!IMG_0176IMG_0177

This is because we don’t just “powerwash” your furniture. We practice the multi-step method of hand-scrubbing and extracting the furniture, which is preferred by the professional standard-setting agencies in our field. We are the only ones in our region who do so, actually.

In the picture above, the cleaned couch is still wet, so it will be even brighter than this once dry. All the stains are gone!

And, we’re not more expensive. Often, we are less so!

Don’t give up on your furniture!

Do You Care How it’s Done?

We often get requests to make cleaning quotes over the phone. We try our best to accommodate, but often we wonder if the client on the other end of the phone really understands what they are purchasing.

Most people’s priority is to make dirty carpet look and smell clean again. That’s our goal too. And we feel that our pricing is more than reasonable for what we offer.

No one else performs the fully-restorative, four-step method of deep cleaning, as recommended by leading industry experts, besides us.

When you hire D&D, you are getting the best possible cleaning money can buy, and you’re getting it at a value which can’t be matched. We are no more expensive than other quality cleaning companies in the region, yet we offer all-green chemistry, longer-lasting results, quick dry times and we move furniture for free!

With our neutral pH chemistry process your cleaning will smell great and last longer than with other methods. We even use Therapeutic Essential Oils to add an element of aromatherapy to the experience!

Do you care about the environment? Do you care about toxic chemicals being used in your home? In the picture above, we cleaned a day care center, and we felt really good about the quality of service we provided not only for the day care provider, but also the parents and the kids, who were all excited to run all over the “fluffy carpet” afterwards.

cleaning up

On Friday I had another example of what is becoming a regular occurrence:  Cleaning carpets that had been cleaned by another professional company less than 3 days previously.  This time, we were in Colchester to clean all the carpets in a condo unit which had just been professionally cleaned by a reputable local truck-mount steam cleaning company.  The reason was that the carpets still seemed dirty and it still smelled like dog.

While we certainly used a little more deodorizer than typical, with our four step green cleaning process, there was a noticeable difference in the look and feel of the carpets as we cleaned them, particularly in the highly-trafficked living room and the stairs.  When we cleaned the bedrooms, we opened the closets to find dust bunnies and evidence that the closets had not been touched.  We got on our hands and knees and sucked up all the dust and debris at the baseboards of the interior of the closets.

Here is the water that came out of my extractor:

It took us several hours, but the end result was a happy tenant and a happy landlord.

No one does what we do.  We are different.

If you want results instead of excuses and value instead of coupons, try us out.

Dirty Laundry

This is not an attempt to air anything publicly.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  I want to show you how innately intelligent you already are about something you thought you knew nothing about.

If you’ve ever done a load of mixed laundry, you already understand how our cleaning method differs from most other companies.  You know how hot the water should be, how much chemical to add, and also how long it should agitate in the tub.  You also know that the clothes need to go through a rinse cycle to remove the soap residue or they will be sticky. Additionally, while you may not understand pH, you can tell the difference between clothes which come out of the dryer soft and fluffy versus hard and crusty.

Seems simple, right?  I mean, I doubt you would take your laundry and drape it across your driveway and spray it with dozens of gallons of water with your garden hose and call it clean.  You know that that wouldn’t do as good a job, anyway.

Yet this is exactly what the difference is between our company and most others.  You see, most companies use a one-step, hit-and-run cleaning method with no agitation or post-rinse.  We, on the other hand, use a four-step method with lots of agitation and a low-pH neutralizing post rinse. On top of that, we’re all green.

Which do you think cleans better?  See?  You’re smarter than you thought!


You may be wondering if it’s worth your money to have a professional cleaning service come in to clean your carpets.  After all, for fifty bucks and a few hours of sweat and hassle, you could do it yourself, right?  Well, not quite.  Ask yourself, how much did this carpet cost to put in?  If you didn’t put it in, how much would it cost to replace?  If you think you want to keep it, the least expensive way to ensure that you can do so is to clean it correctly.  This means professionally.  Those rental machines simply don’t have the power to extract properly, leaving behind residue which builds up over time, potentially ruining your carpet and spoiling its useful life.

And if you’re going to spend the money to clean it professionally, how do you know if we’re any better (or worse) than the next company on your search list?

I’ll give you a few reasons to consider us:  First, we are the only company in the region that practices the method taught at the certification courses. The other company may have “certified trained technicians”, but did you know that they were certified in a method that their company doesn’t perform?  That’s right, because we are the only company around here that performs it.  They do only part of that preferred method.

Second, we are all green.  This means no chemical factory.  No VOC’s.  We are safe for your pets, children, fabrics, and your plants.  We don’t leave behind the smell of perfumes or any sticky residue.  We leave behind clean!

Third, our method protects your long-term investment.  Because we don’t overwet or leave residue behind, your carpet will dry much faster and stay cleaner longer than with other methods.  We do use water though.  Don’t let someone fool you into thinking that they can clean your rug effectively without water.  This is simply not the case.  Your rug must be extracted with hot water to remove the toxins and bacteria lurking at the base of your carpet.

Fourth, we neutralize the pH of your carpet with our final rinse, leaving your carpet naturally soft and soil-repellant.  No optical brighteners which leave the carpet looking dingy and worn out after the initial cleaning dries.  This is all-natural.

Finally, WE GET THE BEST RESULTS!  You may not be as concerned with some of the other aspects of our cleaning that we’ve mentioned, but rest assured, if you’re a bottom line consumer who just wants the best results for your money, we’ve got ’em! No one gets your carpet as clean as we do!