Furniture cleaning: Our secret!

People often don’t think of cleaning their furniture, and sometimes this is because of the incompetence of the companies who haveĀ attempted in the past.

Recently, a customer of ours was charged a good deal of money by one of my competitors and was dissatisfied with the results, and told that was “the best they could do”.

Two years later, yesterday in fact, they hired us. We not only were cheaper, but look at the results!IMG_0176IMG_0177

This is because we don’t just “powerwash” your furniture. We practice the multi-step method of hand-scrubbing and extracting the furniture, which is preferred by the professional standard-setting agencies in our field. We are the only ones in our region who do so, actually.

In the picture above, the cleaned couch is still wet, so it will be even brighter than this once dry. All the stains are gone!

And, we’re not more expensive. Often, we are less so!

Don’t give up on your furniture!

Do You Care How it’s Done?

We often get requests to make cleaning quotes over the phone. We try our best to accommodate, but often we wonder if the client on the other end of the phone really understands what they are purchasing.

Most people’s priority is to make dirty carpet look and smell clean again. That’s our goal too. And we feel that our pricing is more than reasonable for what we offer.

No one else performs the fully-restorative, four-step method of deep cleaning, as recommended by leading industry experts, besides us.

When you hire D&D, you are getting the best possible cleaning money can buy, and you’re getting it at a value which can’t be matched. We are no more expensive than other quality cleaning companies in the region, yet we offer all-green chemistry, longer-lasting results, quick dry times and we move furniture for free!

With our neutral pH chemistry process your cleaning will smell great and last longer than with other methods. We even use Therapeutic Essential Oils to add an element of aromatherapy to the experience!

Do you care about the environment? Do you care about toxic chemicals being used in your home? In the picture above, we cleaned a day care center, and we felt really good about the quality of service we provided not only for the day care provider, but also the parents and the kids, who were all excited to run all over the “fluffy carpet” afterwards.