cleaning up

On Friday I had another example of what is becoming a regular occurrence:  Cleaning carpets that had been cleaned by another professional company less than 3 days previously.  This time, we were in Colchester to clean all the carpets in a condo unit which had just been professionally cleaned by a reputable local truck-mount steam cleaning company.  The reason was that the carpets still seemed dirty and it still smelled like dog.

While we certainly used a little more deodorizer than typical, with our four step green cleaning process, there was a noticeable difference in the look and feel of the carpets as we cleaned them, particularly in the highly-trafficked living room and the stairs.  When we cleaned the bedrooms, we opened the closets to find dust bunnies and evidence that the closets had not been touched.  We got on our hands and knees and sucked up all the dust and debris at the baseboards of the interior of the closets.

Here is the water that came out of my extractor:

It took us several hours, but the end result was a happy tenant and a happy landlord.

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