Dirty Laundry

This is not an attempt to air anything publicly.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  I want to show you how innately intelligent you already are about something you thought you knew nothing about.

If you’ve ever done a load of mixed laundry, you already understand how our cleaning method differs from most other companies.  You know how hot the water should be, how much chemical to add, and also how long it should agitate in the tub.  You also know that the clothes need to go through a rinse cycle to remove the soap residue or they will be sticky. Additionally, while you may not understand pH, you can tell the difference between clothes which come out of the dryer soft and fluffy versus hard and crusty.

Seems simple, right?  I mean, I doubt you would take your laundry and drape it across your driveway and spray it with dozens of gallons of water with your garden hose and call it clean.  You know that that wouldn’t do as good a job, anyway.

Yet this is exactly what the difference is between our company and most others.  You see, most companies use a one-step, hit-and-run cleaning method with no agitation or post-rinse.  We, on the other hand, use a four-step method with lots of agitation and a low-pH neutralizing post rinse. On top of that, we’re all green.

Which do you think cleans better?  See?  You’re smarter than you thought!

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